Welcome to 'Atelier de Kunstvlieg' 

Welcome to 'Atelier de Kunstvlieg'

Atelier de Kunstvlieg is a non-profit organization that offers artistic day-care to people with a mental, physical or social-emotional limitation. The participants are not in a state for regular employment.

An artistic day

At Atelier de Kunstvlieg the participants give their day a meaningful interpretation by doing diverse artistic activities. This is done individually or in groups under the expert guidance of pedagogical and artistic-trained employees. 
This guidance goes out of the individual capabilities of the participants. The daycare has a positive effect on the social-emotional development and offers participants educational and fun activities. 

Atelier de Kunstvlieg is open Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 16.00

Kunstvlieg news:

kunstvlieg verhuisbrief
kunstvlieg verhuisbrief