The team of Atelier De Kunstvlieg consists of excellent pedagogical and artistic guides.
They are supported by volunteers and interns. Regularly there are artists who provide guest lessons.
Visiting exhibitions and museums is on the program as well as setting up exhibitions and auctions.

Atelier De Kunstvlieg uses a personal approach towards the participants.
The activities are focused on the individual situation and opportunities of the participant.
The participant is free in the choice and execution of the activity.

He or she is encouraged by the accompaniment in his or her creative development and self-development opportunities.
The goal is to provide participants with a meaningful day-to-day care , where they are encouraged to manifest themselves in their own way, and where their talents and interests are stimulated.

Being creative with different materials and methods has a calming effect on the participant.
It allows the participant to develop and express himself or herself creatively. The daily format offers the participants structure and regularity. Social contacts are promoted by working together in a safe environment.​

Guidance, Approach and Effect​